Text hug and button padding

Hi Sketch friends!

I’m new to Sketch and have a question. I’ve searched online and youtube but can’t seem to find a direct answer.

Is there a way to remove the “padding” around text within a text box, ie figma’s hug content (which wraps the box right up against the text)?

Thank so much for helping a newbie out!

Hi technicarla. :wave:
Assuming you’re referring to Figma’s Type settings: Vertical trim: Cap height to baseline, then unfortunately no, Sketch does not have the equivalent of this option.
I will pass your message on to the product design team as a feature request though.

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Like Brett said, there isn’t an automated way to do this. However, with Sketch you can measure the distance between the text letterforms themselves and any other layer using a combination of ctrl+option+command. Doing that will ignore the line-height when measuring distance. So, this may be useful for what you are trying to accomplish.

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Hi Jason,

Thank you for the screen capture and keyboard shortcuts! Using them straight away.

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