Implement and improve auto-layout with CSS flexbox functionality

Figma absolutely destroyed Sketch with their rich auto-layout options. I want to return to Sketch but I can’t live without Figma’s flexibility.

I would strongly suggest implementing a way richer auto-layout functionality than now available. Preferably matching CSS’s flexbox options as close as possible. After all, it will be translated into CSS by devs anyway (unless you’re working on strictly mobile apps).

Implementing a wrapping function on top of what Figma is already capable of would put you one step ahead.

Hey @MightyFool

Welcome to the forum.

The reports of our destruction are greatly exaggerated. Luckily, we’re still here!

We’re currently working on improving Smart Layout, which is our version of Auto Layout.

We’ll keep sharing new Smart Layout updates in Sketch Labs. You can keep an eye on our progress and also join in SL discussions and give feedback there.

Thanks for the feedback and I hope we’ll see you return to Sketch one day!