Type baseline different between Sketch & Figma. Help?

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I am a Figma designer who is considering the possibility of using Sketch for some of my personal projects. While playing around with creating a new portfolio in Sketch, I noticed some differences in the way Sketch and Figma handle type. In order to share my findings, I created a video, which you can view here.

In Figma, I am accustomed to setting the line height for each type style, and the type automatically aligns itself in the middle of the container, leaving a bit of space underneath. However, when I attempt to do the same thing in Sketch, the container appears to be cut at the baseline of the characters, and the only way to achieve the same alignment as in Figma is to set the container width and height to fixed. This solution is not ideal, as it means that I have to manually adjust the size of the container each time.

If anyone can provide an explanation of what is happening here, or educate me a bit more about type, I would greatly appreciate it!

Figma Example
Sketch Example

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Hey Nick :wave:

We appreciate your detailed report on this. We are aware of this situation and we are currently working to find a solution.

The problem here is that the Text Layer Bounding box moves up or down when we set a value on the Line field, even if it is set to zero. This issue might be more visible in some fonts, particularly variable fonts.

We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing you. As soon we have a solution for it we will let you know.

Cheers :pray:

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Hey @Cris_inSketchMode ,

Just wanted to check-in on this subject and see if there has been any movement. I think if this gets fixed I would be down to start moving my personal items over!

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!