Smart Symbols (Figma Style)

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For UI in particular, it’s pretty hard to imagine leaving Figma without auto layout. With the latest news about Drafts, seems you Sketch could pick up some users. Smart Layout is much harder to use overall. For instance, there’s to one place to view or set the margins or spacing. When you drag to adjust spacing I find myself overshooting the value and having to be precise with the mouse.

Figma stole a lot of ideas from Sketch, why not steal some of their good ideas too?

Hey @adammenges

Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing!

We’ll probably not deviate from the current approach too much anytime soon. That said, we’re always open for individual improvements that may improve Smart Layout.

There’s a lot possible with Smart Layout and if you have any questions or want to achieve something and don’t know how, we’re happy to help.

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Personally, I think the behaviour of the smart layout in Sketch feels easier to comprehend most of all for beginners. However, I support @adammenges that the fixed padding options for elements works really smoothly in Figma in comparison to the spacing options in Sketch, which sometimes do not maintain the same values when you interact with items, depending on how you set up all your smart layout options on groups.
But as far as I’ve seen there’s been a request to fix this with negative spacing and I also saw a request somewhere for wrapping content . So although the functionality looks different in Sketch and Figma, with those two requests, Sketch would be pretty close to Figma’s abilities.

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