Switching between different Sketch Accounts

I’m not sure if this has already been suggested and also not sure if it is even possible, but it would be really useful if we could switch between different Sketch Accounts, not just Workspaces. I currently use Sketch Beta along with regular Sketch to be able to quickly access different Sketch Accounts.

If support for this already exists, I was not able to find explanation how to setup so please help.

@wwwedran this isn’t something that exists already, but I can certainly appreciate why this would be useful for someone with multiple Sketch accounts.

I’m keen to understand more about why you have multiple accounts. Is it a separation of work and personal documents? Something else?

For me this happens primarily when working for more clients that have their own setup you need to be a part of and just being invited to their Workspace is not an option. Not sure how big of a use case that is in general, but I have that setup for a while now and then it gets difficult to move between accounts.