Running multiple Sketch apps

Dear Sketch Product Team. Can you please provide a way to run multiple Sketch app versions at once without signing me out?

Here are several reasons why I need to have a second app open.

  1. Old plugins don’t work in new versions so I need the old version to do my work.
  2. Testing a newly released version before committing to switch

Don’t sign me out, please let me work on the existing file.

Hey @Paulius

This is currently the default option we present. I’ll move this topic to the Share a suggestion section so others can join the discussion and vote.

It is possible to run a Beta version and a final version at the same time. You could:

  • run the latest beta as the final
  • And then run the other final version to the (older) version you need

Hi @jonne
Thank you for the suggestion and for moving the topic.
Running beta as the final will not work since your betas have bugs or file structure changes. I hope you can remove limitations and provide a way to run multiple final or beta versions with the same account on two machines.