Sketch sometimes doesn't let me switch between tabs

Hey Sketch guys,

Sometimes I can’t switch between tabs in Sketch window. I’m clicking anywhere in tab but tab is not switching. This issue was occurs macOS 13 as well.

Sketch 98.3
macOS 14.1 (23B74)

Hey @yeb, hope you’re doing well!

Is this something you can replicate easily? I just tried launching 8 different Documents, all in tabs within Sketch, and:

  • Switching among them does not present an issue.
  • I can swiftly switch between tabs and all of them work as expected.
  • I’m working off of macOS Sonoma as well and couldn’t get this to replicate.

Do you have any steps or Documents where this is replicable 100%? We’d like to get our hands on those and see if we can share this with the team. :pray:

Hey Raul. Thanks for the reply.

My colleagues said they had the same problem. I think it’s hard to replicate but we’ll try. Maybe one of our document causing this issue. I can’t share the files with you due to confidentiality(some of them are local files), but if we experience the situation again, I will let you know.

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Thank you so much for the extra details, and for gathering feedback and comments from your colleagues!

Let us know if you ever find if this is specific to some Documents, or any precise steps that we can try on our end to make this happen and share with the team so they can also take a look! :pray: