Sketch window grows out of screen boundaries

This issue is a regression. Sketch window will grow uncontrollably if you toggle Hide Interface for a few times ⌘.

macOS 13.3.1 (a) (22E772610a)
Sketch Version 97.1 (173306)

Hello there, @mromanbanks! :wave:

I’ve been verifying your message, and I have to say that you are right!

As you mentioned, this is a regression, and I’m going to file it right now so it can be solved in a future version.

You already know our modus operandi, so expect us to contact you once we have solved this!

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I am also experiencing this issue in Sketch Version 98.2 (176424) on macOS 13.5.2 (22G91). When using the Command + . keyboard shortcut, the interface window continues to grow wider and wider on the right side infinitely on my MacBook Pro 15 inch screen.

If I toggle fullscreen mode using the coloured window icons in the top left, the reverse occurs. The window is aligned to the right of the screen and the left side is cutoff.

When I use the Zoom command when the right side of the screen is cutoff, nothing happens, but if I initiate it after toggling full screen, the window returns to normal.

I have included a screencast for reference.

Hello @mikehermary (and @mromanbanks),

I’ve been reviewing this with our team, and I can confirm that this bug has been present in the Operating System since Monterey.

We have filed a case with Apple, so we hope this gets solved soon!

Hello Diego,

Thanks for the reply and the info.

As this issue is quite stunting to my workflow, is there a keyboard shortcut that would wrangle the main window canvas back to its normal size. I am finding it very irritating to have perform three or four steps to return the display to normal after using the hide sidebars commands.