App crashing after resizing screens

Hello there,

I’m running the latest version (97 (173164)) on a Mac 16in 2021 (13.4 (22F66)), and every time I resized any artboard screen the app crash.


Hi Andre,

Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear about these crashes. Have you tried running Sketch in Safe Mode? Quit the Mac app and then launch it again while holding down the Shift key ⇧ . This opens it in Safe Mode and if everything works as expected, a plugin may have been causing the issue

If the problem persists in Safe Mode, can you contact us at so we can look at this in detail? Thanks in advance

Hi Jorge, yes, I did tried using sketch in Safe Mode, but it was still crashing even on safe mode.

@navas Thanks for this update Andre. If you’re still experiencing crashes would you mind contacting us at so we can look into this? Many thanks in advance