Sketch doesn't remember if I resized the Preview window

Hi there!

I’m creating some of my first designs with Sketch. I’m running into an issue where previewing an Artboard that has dimensions larger than my Mac’s screen will result in the Preview window being offscreen, even if I resize the window to fit my screen.

Although I can see why this behavior might be intended, it’s a little frustrating—I resized the window, so it should stay resized!

This issue occurs on Sketch 96.2 (the Mac app).
Reproduction steps:

  • Create an Artboard with dimensions that are larger than your Mac’s screen.
  • Preview the Artboard.
  • The Preview window is partially offscreen, because its dimensions match the Artboard.
  • Make the Preview window fill your screen by double clicking the titlebar.
  • The Preview window correctly resizes to fit your Mac’s screen.
  • Close the Preview window.
  • Preview the Artboard again.
  • The Preview window is offscreen again.

Hey @skip

Oof, that’s a bug indeed. We’ve filed it internally.

Thanks for reporting! I hope it doesn’t give you too much inconvenience.

Good luck and have fun with your first designs in Sketch. Feel free to let us or the community know if we can help with anything else.

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