Critical problem with symbols in Sketch Cloud

This is our original page with the symbols. After publishing this symbol to Sketch Cloud, we see the following situation:

We first saw this problem earlier this week. We solved the problem by saving and republishing. But today we can’t solve the problem that way. This is a very important for us.

Hey @vitlayozza

That doesn’t look good.

We would like to take a closer look at the issue. Would you mind sharing a document URL to so we can investigate this further?


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I’ll send the link via messages :ok_hand:t3:

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Just a heads-up. You’ll get a few access requests from
Sketch accounts.

No problems

@jonne Any updates?

Hey @vitlayozza apologies for the delay.

After investigating the document, we’ve discovered an issue on our side. We’re currently working on a fast fix.

I’ll keep you posted and sorry for the inconvenience and delay.

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@vitlayozza We just released the fix for this. Everything should work as expected!

Thanks again for flagging.

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Perfect! It works!