Sketch 97 PDFs exported with Sketchtool are large in size

Are y’all aware of any issues with PDFs exported using Sketchtool?

In Sketch 96 and prior, the following would export very simple icons as PDFs with a very small size, like 4kb… slices ${fullPath} --items=${sliceIDs} --output=${assetPath})

Now in Sketch 97 the same outputs PDFs that are 64.2 MB in size. Below is a .zip containing a before and after.

Hello Jason, thank you for pointing this out. We’ve identified the issue and we expect to have a fix ready soon. Please stay tuned!

Do you think this would be a 97.x fix, or 98 or later?

@sonburn I can’t say, since there could be complications, but we’re aiming for a 97.x that would include this one. However, I can’t guarantee it will go through in the end. We’ll let you know!

@sonburn Hi Jason. We recently launched 97.1, which should include a fix for this. I hope it helps, let me know if it worked!

@JorgeF can confirm that the issue is resolved, ty

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Glad to see it helped, thanks for reporting!