Reduce file size stopped working

I’ve been working on some website mockups for a few months. The Sketch file contains about 50 artboards with lots of photos. I usually get my photos from Getty and I import them into Sketch at high resolution (I know, bad habit, but it’s quicker than resizing each and every image before importing). Every once in a while I use the “reduce file size” option to trim down the size of the Sketch file.

The problem is that now the file is 800+ MB and the “reduce file size option” does not resample the images anymore. The exported PDFs are huge because of uncompressed images: a single artboard exported to PDF is 100+ MB.

Is there anything I can do besides resampling the images manually?

Hi Tudor. :wave:
Can I just check something about the way in which your document is set up and how the images are placed in your document?
I ask because there is a specific scenario in which images will NOT be reduced in size when you run this action, and that is where you have an image override on a Symbol Instance that originally had a different image in the source Symbol.
Otherwise, images just placed on the Canvas directly, or images set as Fills in shape layers WILL be reduced in size when you run the action.
Can you reply to let me know if your issue is because of image Overrides in Symbols?
Thanks. :pray:

Hi Brett,
Indeed, most of my images are overrides in symbols.
Is that the intended behavior in Sketch, or is it a bug?

Hi Tudor. :wave:
Thanks for clarifying and confirming. I can understand how this would be an issue for you.
I’ll start a conversation with the Technical Team here at Sketch, who will look into this, and hopefully they’ll be able to do something about it.
Cheers! :pray: