Export SVG Issue (latest version of Sketch)

It started to happen since I updated my Sketch to the last version.

I uploaded a sketch file here with the SVG I’m trying to export.

So basically after you export the SVG, then if you drag and drop that svg from your desktop back to sketch, it gets really messy.

Before this update, it worked perfectly.

Please can you check?

issue.sketch (74.2 KB)

Hello Bryan​:wave:

Thank you for the report. This issue was introduced with version 97, and we’ve been working to fix it.
We are happy to let you know that version 97.1 has just been released and is expected to resolve the issue. We recommend updating to the latest version and verifying if the problem still persists.

Cheers :pray:

Thank you very much. Didn’t expect such a quick turnaround. Amazing job ! Tested now and it works.