Showing multiple versions of the same font in the font picker

We have multiple designers working on a design system, and I just started noticing that when I select a single text layer the font dropdown from the Text Style area says “Multiple Weights”. When I clicked on that it shows two versions of each weight of the font.

It also had that broken font that you can see in the picture. I think what happened is that for whatever reason we had two different versions of Inter. I had our team delete all instances of the Inter font file from their systems, and re-install 1. It cleared up the broken font, but we are still seeing the double weights.

Anyone have any thoughts on how we can fix this? Is it a matter of mass replacing all instances of a weight with a specific font?

Hi @jkilp,

It seems like your documents have different embedded versions of the same font and they show like duplicates on the menu. To fix this, you’ll need to unembed the fonts, save and close the documents and then embed them again since you have already gone through the process of fixing the local install of Inter.

Pay special attention to libraries with embedded versions of Inter, start the unembedding process with those.

Here are the steps in detail, please take a look and let me know how it goes

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