Issue with changing OpenType Features for multiple text styles

There’s an issue with updating multiple text styles from OpenType Features menu.

When I select multiple text styles, and update one of the things within OpenType Feature submenus, all text style attributes got updated (font size, align, etc.).

It’s kind of annoying, because to tweak all text styles, for each open type feature you need to do it for each of the font style separately.

I tested in stable (96.3) and new beta (97) - both has this issue.

Hey @oleksify

Thanks for reporting.

This issue is on our list and something we need to fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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@jonne Any updates on this? Few versions were released, but using open type features is still not possible. Not only because constant type style overrides. For example using stylistic sets with Inter font is breaking it completely. This is not working only in Sketch. Figma, Penpot, Framer - all working fine.

I also tried stable release, beta, few previous versions… Reinstalling the font, etc.

Hey, I understand it’s taking a while. We’re sorry about that. Unfortunately, there’s no news on this issue yet. We’ll keep you posted when we have more information.

Sadly, as simple as it may sound, it’s kind of a blocker. Oddly, it’s not possible to use the main font of your design system, makes it a blocker for not being able to use the whole app. I tried everything, reinstall font, app, checked if it’s not embedded into document. Also, Inter is a very popular font. Maybe not everyone use alternative stylistic sets, but if you do - it’s a complete blocker. :frowning:

Hi @oleksify

We’d love to help see if we can get past this blocker. I think we have two different issues:

  1. Editing multiple styles at the same time (original issue)
  2. Results from using the Alternates option from Open Type Features in a Text style

We’re a ware both can be improved, and I wanted to ask if you can elaborate a bit on the things that are blocking you from using Inter. Perhaps if you can share a bit more info about the nature of your project and the need for certain characters like sub/super scripts, old style numbers, etc.

I think we can take a closer look and also hope to find a workaround so you can use Inter in your projects.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Sure. You are correct - there are two issues, and you outlined them correctly.

  1. The first one is NOT a blocker - it’s just an annoyance/time waste, but you can get around it.
  2. The second one - is a blocker, as it’s not possible to have the same font settings in Sketch as we have in web. Basically, the designs look different. What I need is to have this Inter settings enabled in Sketch:

It may look like a small thing, but it changes the look and feel of UI. I had a feeling that it was working at some point but then changed, but I can’t confirm. I switched project to use Figma mainly because of these. I had to spend too much time trying to render font properly.

It may be issue with latest Inter v4, maybe. I’m not sure. I tried installing both TTF and OTF versions.

Thanks so much for sharing these details :pray: We’ll take a look and share an update as soon as possible

Just to confirm - I just tried Inter font v3.19 - same issues :frowning:

Hi Oleksii,

I have an update I want to share. I tested with Inter 4, I’ll sum it up and then go into the details:

  1. The Typography panel is easier to use than the Text menu options
  2. There’s a bug affecting alternate characters

Typography panel or menu options

There’s a Typography panel that you can access through the Fonts toolbar button. This panel offers an equivalent to the Open Type Features menu options, in a more GUI way. Inter has a lot of Open Type features, and this panel let’s you use them easier.

The menu option Text → Open Type features → Alternates works well when you apply it to a subrange of your text layer, for example, to set a sub or superscript. However, you need to know what’s behind each alternate set.

When you apply the Alternate set to a paragraph, you’ll get a weird mix of sub and superscript, small caps and others, depending on what’s behind each option. We’re aware these menu options need improvement.

Example using the Open Type features menu options:



Example using the Typography panel:



There’s a bug affecting alternate characters

There’s a bug that’s currently affecting alternate characters. The Engineering team is aware of it. The bug happens when you use alternate characters like the single-storey a, or the compact “f” or “t” variants.

The bug is that when you set these alternate characters, save and then reopen the file, the file shows an error and the alternate characters are gone. When testing Inter, I also noticed that you can’t use the alternate characters when you also have the other features, like tabular numbers, or the round quotes.

I prepared a Sketch file that contains a text style with all features but the alternate characters, I hope it helps.

Inter Open type features.sketch (1.1 MB)

Thanks. I didn’t know about that hidden Typography panel. But in general it seems that feature is not usable. I tried playing with it but still didn’t manage to get font setting to match branding :frowning: Hope, there will be proper fix at some point.