Issue with changing OpenType Features for multiple text styles

There’s an issue with updating multiple text styles from OpenType Features menu.

When I select multiple text styles, and update one of the things within OpenType Feature submenus, all text style attributes got updated (font size, align, etc.).

It’s kind of annoying, because to tweak all text styles, for each open type feature you need to do it for each of the font style separately.

I tested in stable (96.3) and new beta (97) - both has this issue.

Hey @oleksify

Thanks for reporting.

This issue is on our list and something we need to fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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@jonne Any updates on this? Few versions were released, but using open type features is still not possible. Not only because constant type style overrides. For example using stylistic sets with Inter font is breaking it completely. This is not working only in Sketch. Figma, Penpot, Framer - all working fine.

I also tried stable release, beta, few previous versions… Reinstalling the font, etc.