Removing Libraries is not working

For some reason, I’m not able to remove libraries. Please see the video.
Sketch 98.3
OS Sonoma 14.0

Hey Paulius,

You can use this script to remove Workspace libraries:

defaults delete com.bohemiancoding.sketch3 remote-asset-libraries

To use the script, open the Terminal app found in Applications → Utilities → Terminal; paste it and press ⏎

Here’s what the script will do:

  • Uninstall all Workspace libraries
  • Libraries from third party Workspaces, like the Carbon Workspace, will no longer appear on the libraries list
  • Libraries from Workspaces you’re a member of will still be listed
  • After running the script, you can reinstall any libraries on the list by clicking on the checkbox

@dfmedrano Thank you for the solution. I hope you will fix this in your next release.