Abstract Library + Workspace Library linking bug

Here is a video explaining my issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @KarlCanBeCool our support team is looking at this issue. You’ll get an answer from them soon.

Our colleague from the support team has found the following solution:

  1. Delete the current Workspace libraries (these are the source of the problem)
  2. Re-export your Abstract files if necessary, open them in Sketch and use File → Duplicate (this is the key to the solution)
  3. Upload the duplicated files and set them as libraries
  4. Merge and close any branches you have
  5. Quit Sketch and Abstract
  6. Uninstall your workspace libraries with the Terminal app by pasting this snippet: defaults delete com.bohemiancoding.sketch3 remote-asset-libraries
  7. Go back to Abstract, open a new branch and the linkings should be correct now, pointing to the Abstract libraries and not those in the Workspace

I hope this helps, and also, for others who are experiencing the same issue.

It worked for me.

I managed to keep my work on the workspace by downloading the library files from the workspace, deleting them from the WS, duplicating them locally and then re-uploading them back to the Workspace.

I was worried I would lose all my work in the workspace libraries since they had to be deleted.


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