Prototype Player (Start point)

It would make more sense to me if this icon navigated the user back to the selected “start point” of the prototype rather than create a new one. (similar to a home button in your browser).
This would offer more utility as I spend more time clicking the drop down to scroll through multiple pages to find the “start point” to click through the prototype. It also makes more sense to keep the “set as prototype start point” in the inspector panel adjacent the canvas as this is more likely the place where I would make this decision.

Hey Mark,

Indeed, that button does seem like navigation, and it would be handy if it acted like a shortcut to the start of the prototype.

The dropdown menu does that job, but it can get busy and a bit cumbersome finding a specific artboard in a complex document. We’ve taken note of this and documented it so the involved team can explore options for improvement.

Thanks for sharing :raised_hands: