Prototype order issue

I need help understanding the Start Point ordering logic for prototypes. I have prototypes on multiple pages. When I open the Prototype drop-down menu, the list is not organized by name or page hierarchy. Is this a bug?

Hey @Paulius

The menu’s top section features the most recently added page that includes a Start Point at the top. The same behaviour applies to changing the hierarchy of the pages. I think the behaviour can be compared with the Last In, First Out principle if that makes more sense.

If one assumes that the page at the bottom of the list is the page you’re likely to use most, then this order can be convenient. On the other hand, if pages get switched around / organised afterwards, then it could not be suitable. Regardless, the next section of the menu shows a similar order as the page hierarchy.

Hi Jonne,
I would not be able to guess this logic.
I would say it’s a bit confusing and inconsistent. I would expect the order to be the same as on the Sketch Web App or Mobile App. Page Hierarchy, Title A-Z.

I hope you will fix this.