Prototype Keyboard input

I do a lot of TV UI work and would love for there to be an option to include keyboard input for prototypes navigation along with/instead of mouse clicks.
Maybe a swap symbol upon input or a symbol state component.

Totally agree. This is a huge necessity for all of us that work in TV interfaces.

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Great idea! I ran into this problem yesterday and wished for this exact thing.

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Indeed! This could be a very very nice thing to add to the Prototyping tools in the future and we’ll make sure our team gets it!

A couple more details about what you’d like this feature/enhancement to do would be very nice as well:

  • Would you like full keyboard nagivation?
  • Ability to move through the Hotspots with Arrow/Tab/etc?

Also, you can actually Navigate a Prototype with:

  • Page Up and Page Down buttons on the Keyboard (Page Down moving to the next Artboard).
  • If you have already navigated the Artboard, the Left and Right Arrow keys also enable you quickly move through the page history of the Prototype.

I’m not a TV UI designer, bur I guess mimicking remote controls should be very useful (like cursors, plus ok/back buttons)


Yes. Basically that would be it. That’s the basics for mimicking a focus based navigation.

Some extra configurable keys (for additional remote buttons like options, info, dials) would be a nice addition too. And, if possible, support for advanced interaction (long press) would be the icing in the cake.