Fixed elements are always displayed on top in prototype?


I’ve got a quick question about the behavior of fixed elements when playing a prototype.

Right now I’m trying to build a webpage where the background stays in the same position while scrolling – so I sent the background all the way to the bottom in the layer hierarchy and checked Fix position while scrolling in the prototype-tab.

The problem: every time I play the prototype for the page, all fixed elements are displayed as if they were at the very top of the layer hierarchy, so in my case the background is covering all the other elements that should scroll past it (meaning I see nothing but the background).

I also tried fixing the layer position by choosing Prototype > Fix Layer Position when Scrolling in the Menu Bar, but it made no difference.

Is this a know issue, and is there a way to solve it? I haven’t found any other discussions about this in the forums.

Thanks so much in advance for any answers!

Hi Alex. :wave:

It is possible to do this in the forthcoming v100 release of the application, using a predefined scroll area. You can try it out already in the public beta release.

You can see in the video I have fixed elements in both the foreground AND background, with the scrolling content positioned in between.

Here’s a quick demo file which you can open up to see how it works. Make sure to open it up in the beta version of the app.
fixed-background.sketch (2.3 MB)


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