Lost my project file today. Tf is going on?

…of course it opens as a blank file.

Hello @reznikdesign :wave:

Sorry to hear about your situation. We will do our best to help.

Usually, that message appears when Sketch detects a problem with the file you are trying to open. There could be several reasons for that message, but for now, let’s ensure your document is safe.

Please follow the steps below:

  • Open the Sketch Mac App.

  • Right-click on the affected document.

  • Select the option to duplicate the document.

  • Try opening the duplicated document; you should see the same error message.

  • Select the “Open anyway” option.

Since we are opening a duplicate, you will be able to assess the level of data loss. In the past, we’ve dealt with cases where no data loss happened. The root cause of the problem was an outdated cache version. Let’s see if this is the case here.

If there is data loss, please send a copy of the document. To protect your intellectual property, we recommend you send us via email to productsupport@sketch.com

I look forward to receiving your update. :pray:

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Hi Cristiana, thanks for help. My apologies for being emotional in the title.

Okay, Sketch opened, like, half of the file. There were 2 pages and one page opened blank, anther one opened fine. Both duplicate and original. I can send the failed file to you but it’s under NDA so we gotta be careful.

I reverted to one save back form a local backup so I’m fine now, it’s not a huge loss.

Hey @reznikdesign

Don’t worry about the title. I’m sure we have all faced a similar situation, and we can all recognize the sentiment :sweat_smile:.

Regarding the document, I’m glad to see that you have found a solution. I’m happy to investigate this matter and present you with our findings. If you think it is important to understand the root cause of the problem and ensure that it won’t happen in the future, simply send the file to productsupport@sketch.com.

Rest assured that all your information will be kept confidential, and we will only use it for the purpose of this investigation.

Cheers :pray:

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I am currently facing the same problem. All documents are gone. :sob: I was sick for 3 weeks and didn’t use Sketch and now everything has disappeared without warning. Can someone please help me with this? I would be really grateful… Many thanks in advance :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi @Alena Sorry to hear about this. Can you write us at productsupport@sketch.com to share your Workspace name? And also, can you activate Support Access so we can take a look at your workspace? :pray:

Hello Jorg,
Thank you for getting in touch so quickly! I have just written you the name of the (disappeared) workspace and activated the support access. Hope we can find the documents together… :melting_face:

Hi @Alena :wave:,

Just wanted to let you know that we’re looking into this for you! We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have an update.

Cheers :pray:

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