Preview Background Differs Between Mac and Web

Hi All,

We’re doing something new (well, for us) with color (or lack thereof) and as you can see from the screenclips of the previews of the lower right of our project it is impossible to see where our artboard ends and the background of the preview window begins on Mac.

On the web version of preview the background color is not a complete black, so there it can be seen.


I suspect we could “solve” this by making the artboard larger than the project and using a colored background, but not showing it pixel for pixel is causing us problems getting approvals (too small, too blury, please fix, etc.)

So long story, I know, but is there any way to change the background color of the preview window on Mac? A secret setting or override in the app package? Anything?


Hi @RCI! :wave:

That’s a very interesting point. Currently, there’s no way to change the preview background color, so I’ll use this message as feedback and show it to the Team behind and see if we can study its implementation.

On the other hand, if you want to adjust the window to the content, you can double-click the title bar, and you won’t have to do it manually with the risk of the confusing background.

Thanks again for sharing! :pray:

Hi Diego!

Thanks for responding. I like the double click. GREAT advice. It will definitely help during a presentation.

Here’s my prediction, though, for laughs:

Them: “Why are the lower corners of this design iteration rounded? We didn’t approve that. Please correct.”
Us: “Because windows are rounded, look at other windows. Browsers on PC and Mac will round the lower corners no matter what we design for you.”
Them: “That’s not what we see on the web.”
Us: “…”

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That’s one good prediction, indeed!

Considering different browsers and OS makes another good point here, so let’s see what we can do!