Extend preferences to include:

Would be great to set items like “export background color” to unchecked as default and “corner” style to “smooth” as a default selection.

If you want to change to “smooth” to “smooth as butter” I would be OK with that also.


Hey Mark :wave:

Can you share a bit more detail about the background color? For instance, when I use background color in a symbol source artboard to make visible a light colored symbol I disable the export option; but when I use a background color in an artboard that has some designs, I kind of like it that’s enabled by default.

About the Corners options, I like the Smooth default and the label too! :butter:

I’ve shared this one about corners with the team. The other one I’d like to have a bit more detail first :pray:

Hey Jorge,
I do the same with a symbol but when it comes to designs I typically never rely on the artboard color therefore i never need it to be exported with the artboard. Everything on the artboard is a layer, even backgrounds.

Got it Mark, thanks for your reply! I’ve added this to the Feature Request doc.

Thank you! :raised_hands:

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