Lines not visible in preview, but visible in file & prototype

I stumbled across an interesting problem in the Mac app today. In my file you can clearly see that two lines have been placed. These are visible in the prototype on the web. However, they are not displayed in the prototype preview in the mac app.

The problem only exists with exact HORIZONTAL lines, when the end is set to the third option and the thickness is 1, regardless of the color. As soon as the thicknesses is changed, an angle is applied or ends are set to rounded or flush, the line is displayed. As the prototype looks fine, it is not a real problem, but still a strange behaviour, and I’m wondering if that only happens with me :sweat_smile:

Oh that’s a very interesting one!

We’d love to check this out! Could you share a sample Document, with this Component/Group of layers isolated so we can take a look?

We have some ideas, but we want to verify the Document first :pray:

As always, you can send it to :white_check_mark:

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Hi Carmen.
This is related to an obscure bug with regards to the end-cap for the selected line. If you change it from extending past the line to instead be flush with the line (or rounded, if you prefer), then it will render correctly.
Apologies for the inconvenience. We hope to have this fixed soon.

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Christiana from your product support team has reached out to me as well and shared her suspicions that the issue could be related to the placement of the lines in a half-pixel position, which turned out to fix the issue in my first example file.

But then I created another file for her, where I only added two default lines and they are displayed in the preview just fine, independently from half pixels or line end-cap. :exploding_head:

I appreciate your help, but as mentioned before, I’ve noticed that changing the end-cap helps. It’s no big deal, as there are plenty of workarounds, it’s just a really curious incident :wink:
Anyways, Cristiana dug around and found an old bug report similar to my case and has assured me, that your development team is working on a solution. :slight_smile: :pray: