Pinch to zoom stops working

I’ve had this issue for many iterations of Sketch…

When working in a file, pinch to zoom on the trackpad suddenly stops working. It works for other applications, just not Sketch. It takes awhile, but eventually it will just as randomly start working again ~5-10min later usually. Alternatively, I can toggle the gesture off in MacOS settings and it will start working again in Sketch.

Anyone else have this?

I think it’s a macOS bug. I’ve seen it in various other apps too (Affinity, Adobe).

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Indeed — to the best of our knowledge, this appears to be a bug that affects other apps but not just ours. There’s even a tiny Menu Bar app someone made to quickly reset the trackpad setting for convenience.


Hi there, yes it’a MacOS bug, no link with the Sketch App.
Another way is to open the terminal and just enter: killall Dock
It will refresh de dock and solve the trackpad problem :blush: