Customize Toolbar Doesn't Work and app gets stuck

Running Sketch 95.3 on macOS 13.2.1 and right clicking toolbar, then selecting ‘Customize Toolbar’ does not bring up the customize panel as expected. Icons wiggle, and the app is usable but the toolbar buttons are not usable and the wiggling won’t stop with enter or esc.

Closing the window and reopening gets around the issue. If I quit the app and reopen, I get a dialog asking why the app quit unexpectedly - even though it was me who quit the app

We’ve seen issues happen here when using the Craft plugin. Are you using it?

Whether you are or not, could you please try opening the app in safe mode and see if you still run into this problem? Here’s how to do it: What is Safe Mode and how do I enable it?

If that still doesn’t work, then please contact us using this form so we can investigate and solve the issue.

Having the same issue. Closing and re opening a window doesn’t get it working for me, so I can’t access the customize panel. Tried re opening the app, restarting my computer and disabling all plugins and using safe mode. Submitted a bug report from the apps problem report dialog as well.

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