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To maintain a proper application project structure and align it with the code structure (which is always beneficial), I have divided the artboards into separate Pages, similar to what is seen in VisualCode, to keep the project organized.

I must admit that this way of organizing the project is much more efficient than laying out 10-30 artboards on one canvas to cover the entire functionality of a particular application area.

Instead of scrolling through a large zoomed-out canvas in search of a specific screen, I prefer to select the area from the Pages list and immediately see all three artboards I was looking for.

It also makes onboarding proces for new designers/developers much easier, as you can first scan whole project by structure, and then click through it. Right now we have super flat structure in Sketch (andFi9ma), which is strange. Even super old AxureRP covered it a decade ago.

This solution scales much better in large projects such as back offices, e-commerce platforms, etc., where there are numerous screens and variations of individual functionalities.

Currently, I manage using a “visual tree” approach without the ability to collapse branches. While it is not a perfect solution, it is definitely better than canvases grouping multiple artboards.

I hope this inspires you to consider implementing such an approach. :smiling_face:


I think this is a very useful feature because it will give us the ability to manage the complex structure of web projects. I manage a big web project for b2b, and we have too many nested pages in different modules. For example, we have 7-8 folders in Cloud Workspace. And we’ve created different pages in the documents.

It looks like some users need to create folders and subfolders in Cloud, but I think it’s pretty good to manage that hierarchy in documents because the project can be changed and some hierarchies can be deleted/changed.

It would be great to be able to organize pages into groups or hierarchy like Mobbin uses for flows:

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Hey Leo!

Good idea! Do you think it’s similar to Pages -> tree structure this suggested idea?

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I guess it is. I found Mobbin tree very clear, including the amount of pages/groups inside indicator

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