Export Canvas as PDF

It would be great to be able to export a canvas as a pdf and include things you don’t necessarily want in artboards, but help organize a file (notes, flow organization, links etc and have it also be searchable in the PDF)
I suspect that it would create very large pdfs, but it would be amazing.
If this doesn’t work, it would be great to be able to make an artboard that contains other artboards for this same purpose. So, a “super artboard” or something that allows you to group artboards without having to make them symbols, etc.

Hi there, thanks for sharing! This is indeed a great idea the team has talked about. Like you mention, it has great potential and also some edge cases like the huge PDF file, but it’s definitely worth exploring. I’ve documented this request.

About nesting artboards, this has also been discussed and it’s a very promising approach that opens up many scenarios for grouping, organizing or exporting your work in Sketch. It’s definitely worth exploring as well and we’d love to hear what others have to say about this! :smiley:

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