Arranging artboards according to layers/name

Ordering layers by the position or name of artboards is fairly easy with the Sort Me/Automate Sketch plugins. What both of them (and as far as I know any native functionality) are lacking is:
Sorting artboards on the canvas alphabetically
Or it may be useful to arrange artboards according to your layer structure (whatever that may be, but after using those two plugins it could be alphabetically)

We work with many icon libraries for our clients and it would be easier to have them rearranged that way, e.g. that all app/navigation/ icons are indexed before web/services/ icons and it would be easy to find icons on the canvas without searching for them in the layer panel.

Whilst not a solution for Artboards in general, what you might find useful with regards to large icon Libraries is to browse your organised Symbols in the Components view (switch from Canvas to Components in the top-left corner of your document, use the keyboard shortcut “Control+2”, or accessed under the “View” menu).
And then a double-click on any Symbol there will take you directly to that Artboard on the Canvas, where you can make edits to it.

Thank you for your input. Yes, this is helpful, but practically works similar to the search. It just does not really solve our OCD businesslevel and requirement to have everything in order. :joy:

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