No relative aligning via shortcut

Hey there,

I ran into an issue I don’t know if it is really an Sketch-Issue or more like on my side.
I would really like to change the alignment of layers via a shortcut. But I noticed, that when using the shortcut the aligning is relative to the artboard. Contrary to the alignment buttons on the right side or aligning via the menu items which aligns relative to the parent group.

Thank you!

Hey Gustav!

In your video we noticed something very particular: You’re using the ⌥ Option key to perform these Align actions.

What happens is that for Sketch, ⌥ Option is a modified that when used with the Align actions, takes into Account the Artboard (and not the parent group where the elements are).

For example:

  • If I select an element, and press ⌃⌘↑ > This will align the element to the top of the Group it is in.
  • However, if I select the same element and press ⌥⌃⌘↑ > This will align the element to the top of the Artboard (because the ⌥ Option modifier is being used!)

Let us now if this helps and makes things clear! :pray:

Oh. Yeah, you are right, nice catch!
So that is clearly more like an issue on my side then :sweat_smile:
Unfortunately I’am using ⌥+Arrow switching Lines in my Code Editor, so I thought I may reuse my muscle memory here … Have to come up with a better and easier to reach combo than ⌥⌃⌘↑ :yum:

Thanks for your Response!

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