Possibiliy to collapse all groups at once

When working on Artboards with large numbers of groups and sub-groups, it’s easy to get lost and waste time scrolling up and down. Manually collapsing each group is also a waste of time.

Why not add a feature to collapse all groups in a single Artboard with just one click?

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Hey @ck01

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This is possible, although not in one click. You can go to View > Sidebar > Collapse All Groups to achieve this.

And you can use Keyboard Shortcuts in Settings to map a shortcut to this action. This is what I have done…

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I didn’t know this, thank you both. Just created my own shortcut

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Just a note that on that specific shortcut that @sonburn and @ck01 used: ⇧⌘↑ is the default Sketch shortcut for reducing the height of selected layers by the nudge amount, so if you set that as a custom shortcut for something else, you’ll be unable to do that default action with the keyboard.

That’s a shortcut for an action I would never use in that way, but thank you for the reminder! At least this way it’s more meaningful for me.

I collapse using “Help” (or do actions I don’t remember their position menu or shortcut).