Zoom to previous

Just that: to be able to go back to previous zoom/screen position after changing the zoom level (specially with a shortcut)

Hey Leonardo,

That’s a really nice idea. Would you mind giving us extra info about how this could work and how it would differentiate against the shortcuts we have for Artboard Navigation such as:

  • fn + Jump to next Artboard
  • fn + Jump to previous Artboard

Thanks a ton in advance!

The idea is to be able to toggle the last two zoom/locations with the same shortcut.

Let’s say I’m working at some detail level and I hit CMD-1 (Fit Canvas)

Now I’m viewing the whole Page

What if I want to go back to the previous view? I can hit CMD-2 (Zoom to selection) or CMD-3 (Zoom to Arboard), but those would work only if I have the element or artboard selected. Even then, the zoom level won’t be the same I was working before zooming out.

What I don’t now for sure is what should be the behaviour after zooming with the wheel (with tons of intermediate zoom levels in the process). Maybe it can consider the final zoom /placement after the action is finished (not zooming/panning for one second, for instance).

Ahh, so a better way to phrase this request would be:

  • Add the ability to perform a ⌘Z on a Zoom (so it goes back to the previously used Zoom level).

Would that be a good interpretation of the request?


Yes, because: it would allow the user to go back to previous zoom level.

But, no, since it would not allow the user to go back and forth between two zoom levels that may be very useful for several reasons.

For instance in AutoCAD you have the option go “zoom to previous”
CleanShot 2023-09-01 at 11.03.32

It’s like having a small zoom level / pan history to go back and forth. (One step is enough, but more would be even better). The benefit of just one level is that you can use the same shortcut to swap them

Ahh, thanks a ton for the extra context and info Leo, we truly appreciate that.

This makes it more clear to get the full picture on how this feature would work. We’ll make sure to make a note to our team so they can get all the details of the request!

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