New version of Sketch

It’s been awfully quiet lately and there have been some big issues in 99.5 that have not been resolved yet. Is there a new version of Sketch coming (and when)? I’m getting a bit anxious. :grin:

We’re working on a new version. I can’t share specific dates but it won’t be too long luckily. Let me know if there’s a specific issue you want an update on.

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As Jonne said, we can’t make any specific comments but…

Those who wait, shall be rewarded :smirk:

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There are issues with Tidy behavior in the latest version that I reported and seen other people having problems with. Also, I’m having some serious performance issues with latest Sketch versions that were not there before and should not be as I’m using a pretty powerful computer (MB Pro M1 Max). Color picker has a delay, putting images in the document, sometimes even moving things or placing symbols, all very laggy.

Hype is real! :slight_smile: Looking forward to 100. :slight_smile: