Speculation for Sketch 100 - Just for fun

What do you guys think will be included in Sketch 100? Will it be a bigger release to celebrate the fancy number? Any features that are at the top of your wish list? Speculation based on something you’ve heard?

Also, feel free to throw out some teasers @SketchTeam :sweat_smile:

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Okay so one thing we know is that Sketch was recently put back on the Mac Apple Store, and that the team said they were still preparing their marketing strategy for it. I’m guessing that’s going to get bundled into the Sketch 100 celebration.

Also, I do believe that something bigger will happen with the 100 release. Ai has obviously been a trend with design priorities recently, though personally I don’t see Sketch jumping into that domain in a big new way just yet, but who knows.

Obviously an overhaul to the prototyping system is something a lot of people have been waiting a very long time for. Perhaps that will be a focus?

Updates to how typography is handled is another long-awaited request. Doesn’t quite feel like “Sketch 100” material though, for better or worse.

Sketch already went through a major rebranding; I don’t think that’ll happen again for a long time, if ever.

Something that could be really interesting would be a programmatic interface inside of Sketch itself. I don’t really see that happening though either.

With the update to Smart Layout just released, particularly after being in testing for about 8 months, I don’t see another extension to that system being released right now, but obviously a ton of people would love to see support for padding.

Improved handling of the already industry-leading [within design software] Data system could be nice, especially since Figma really fumbled their variables release.

Oh, and of course, MMB for panning :grin:

Anyways those are a couple of my off-the-cuff thoughts.


I sincerely hope for better prototyping

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It’s an interesting question. I’m curious to see what folks here have to say!

We can’t share any teasers yet. What I can say is that version 100 will be a regular update. It will have new features and updates similar to most updates with less rounded numbers.


I’d really love a HUGE update to the prototyping system. Hope they can take advantage of CoreMotion so that prototypes can access environment variables for iOS/WatchOS/iPadOS & VisionOS.

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:eyes: …possible teaser for 100.

Been waiting for ages about Horizontal Scrolling (carousel), Fix certain area while you scroll content,
and animation features.

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Nothing major will happen with Sketch 100. That’s my prediction.

Then again, my hope is that something like better gradient control happens. Or detachable tool palettes.

Perhaps a brush-type drawing / sketching tool. Not just pen / vector but also bitmap drawing on layers and honoring the use of masks.

I don’t believe will be major change, but I believe will be some kind of AI for text and lucky for images.
If they add animation like we have on InVision studio I will feel complete with Sketch, and I don’t even use too much animation but when I need for showing off or for some explanation.

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I was completely wrong, but I don’t care, this release is event better than I actually expect but not as good than I desire loooool