Sketch community

How do you all feel about the community around Sketch?

Personally, I’ve been very loyal to Sketch. In recent years there’s been quite a lot of competition, and everyone playing leapfrog with each other for the top spot, but I’ve always maintained Sketch was the best. While it may be behind in some areas, it was better in others. And one major reason for sticking with Sketch has been the community. Starting with the Slack team for Sketch Labs, it was great to see people interacting and sharing, and having direct access to engineers and PMs at Sketch.

That community doesn’t seem to exist anymore. It was sunsetted for this forum, where there’s hardly any posts anymore and I find myself checking it less and less. There’s also little transparency anymore into what is coming down the pipeline. Normally I’d say that’s up to the discretion of Sketch, but particularly around prototyping, there’s massive features Sketch has now fallen behind on and I now find myself having to use Figma for prototyping, which makes me question why even use Sketch to begin with.

I don’t have any recommendations, but I’m curious if others feel the same.


Yep, I totally agree with you. With the help of this forum it is great to communicate with PM’s, engineers etc. But as you said Sketch community is very limited. We want to see more creative ideas, tutorials, Design System examples etc. We want to see Sketch to grow more :metal:

Hey @nick

Thanks for sharing this. Let me start by addressing our roadmap strategy.

Instead of sharing a year’s worth of product updates right now, we’ve chosen to open up a conversation with you — our community — like we did with the Smart Layout feature. We’re really happy with the feedback and involvement so far.

Regarding our community:

I’m glad you’re opening this conversation. We’re also aiming for a more active community where we can share and learn from each other next to discussing features and product ideas. Perhaps we can use this topic to discuss ideas for increasing the activity within our community. We don’t need to limit ourselves to the forum; we can also discuss other channels Sketch uses.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about this!

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As a UX team in our company we’re currently learning deeply and started writing Medium blogs about Sketch tips & tricks, useful plugins, DS workflows etc. When we publish them we’ll be happy to share our articles on this forum also.

We’d love to hear if there’s anything else you expect from Sketch designers.


Thanks a lot for proposing this initiative. We’d love to hear and learn about how your company uses Sketch and the tips and tricks you’ve picked up along the way!

Feel free to post them on the forum, and let me know if you need help.

We’d love to hear if there’s anything else you expect from Sketch designers.

This is already a good start. But we’ll get back to this once we have more concrete ideas.

Which channels would those be? I’d like to join.

Hey Patrik, we’re also active on social channels such as Instagram, and Masterdon. On these channels we highlight or promote things that are made in Sketch #MadeWithSketch or other interesting Sketch related news that could be interesting for our community.