New v98 Mac and iOS betas ready for testing

Hey everyone :wave: We have not one, but two betas ready for you to try — our v98 Mac beta and our v98 iOS beta (for iPhone and iPad). Here’s what you need to know…

How do I get the betas?

You can download our Mac beta directly from (or open an existing beta build, if you have one, and check for updates). For our iOS beta, you’ll need to install it via Apple’s TestFlight app, using this link: Join the Sketch — View and Mirror beta - TestFlight - Apple

How do I share feedback?

In the Mac app, you can use the :lady_beetle: Send Beta Feedback button in the toolbar. This should open an email template in your email client of choice to fill out and send to us.

If you experience a crash in the Mac app, please do send the crash reports that appear when you reopen Sketch (both Apple’s and our own). We read every single one of these and use this information to make Sketch more stable!

In the iOS app, you can take a screenshot and follow the on-screen prompts to send it to us via TestFlight. You can also open the TestFlight app and choose “Send Beta feedback”.

What’s in the betas?

iOS app

Our latest update to the iPhone and iPad app brings some nice feature parity, so you’ll get the same experience regardless of which device you’re viewing your documents on.

We’ve added a Canvas view mode to the iPhone app, so you can explore documents, just as you see them on your Mac. You can also now view, create and reply to comments as annotations on any document’s Canvas.

On the iPad, we’ve added the ability to Mirror documents as you edit them on your Mac, just as you can on your iPhone. If you’ve got a document open on your Mac, you’ll see it highlighted in the iPad app. Once you’ve opened it, tap the Mirror icon in the top-right corner to start mirroring.

Note: Our iOS app is only available for customers with an active subscription and Workspace. It will not work with a Mac-only license.

Mac app

Some updates are big, some are small. This one falls under the latter category. While we’re busy working on new things, we’re using this release to squash some bugs and make smaller improvements.

All that to say, there’s nothing huge to test in this update, but if you do try out the beta and spot anything odd, let us know so we can fix things ahead of the final release.

As ever, you can find a full list of release notes at



Hey folks :wave: I have a small update to share on this beta. @paulozoom has summed up all of the changes to Smart Layout in Groups which will ship with v98. If you want to try these out, you’ll need to enable this experimental feature, if you haven’t already.

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