Mirror iOS App issues with v96.2

The old iOS Mirror app does not update the artboard selection on the Mac app v96.2.
This makes the old app almost unusable because it requires disconnecting and connecting again to see the selected artboard.

I use the old app because it’s simple and loads prototypes in a few seconds. The new app downloads content from the cloud, and if you have a complex project that is 100+ mb, it will result in 30-40 seconds of wait time, depending on your internet speed.

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Thanks for reporting this @Paulius

This appears to be a bug. We’ll take a look at it and it will most likely be changed in 97. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Regarding the new app, once a document is downloaded and opened, it shouldn’t take that long anymore.

@jonne, unfortunately, it takes a long time to download files from the cloud. In my case, a 100 MB file takes at least 30 seconds to load on my phone using Wi-Fi. I will try to make another post related to iOS bugs and issues.

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Hello @Paulius - Our last update should solve this issue. Could you update Sketch to 97.1 and let us know if it worked? Hope it helps!

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Thank you!