Keep the workspace window open after opening a file

It’s really common for me to need to open several documents while I work (for example, the same file for different technologies to compare them).

The behaviour that closes the workspace window every time I open a file si not convenient as it forces me to to go to the Sketch upper menu and click on open for every document that I want to check.

It would be great to have the option to keep this window open all the time so, even if I just opened a file, being able to quickly go back to the workspace to look for another one.

Agreed! This would be really useful.

Yeah. Just like you can pin the component window.

You can use ⌘ + O as shortcut.

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Hi José :wave: you can select and open multiple files from the Workspace Window at the same time. If your files are in different project folders you could create a Collection and add all of them there, then use ⌘O to display the Workspace Window → select the files → Open all the files you need in bulk.

Since the Workspace Window remembers the last project folder or Collection where you opened a document, adding files to a Collection suits well for finding your files faster.

Would this workaround help? I’m adding this as a feature request of course :raised_hands:

Hi Jorge.

Thanks for the tips, I didn’t know you could select multiple files from the same project. That is really useful.

However, for files in different projects, I don’t think the collections approach would work for us. We’ve got a complex product and, therefore, a complex Design System, with multiple files and multiple projects with a specific organisation. Adding to that organisation a system of collections only for the purpose of being able to open the files quickly would add too much complexity.

Also, while sometimes we need to compare thinks that makes sense to get together in a collection (Like the same file but for a different technology), some other times we just need to check details in totally unrelated files, so basically we would need to add all our files to this collection.

In fact, you already have an All documents view that would serve this purpose, but given the amount of files we have, it’s more complicated to find the files in this specific view and it’s easier for us to navigate them project by project.

Hi José,

I’m glad to hear the info was useful (at leas the part of opening several files) I can clearly see how putting all files in a Collection or project wouldn’t help in this case.

I’ve documented this as a feature request noting that it would definitely help speed up workflows for complex projects that handle multiple project folders.

Thanks for sharing :raised_hands: