Ability to change workspace documents sort order

Hello! All of my projects follow a fairly strict naming convention for the document names. For example: “components - 01 - base.sketch” and “screens - 01 - login.sketch, screens - 02 - home.sketch”, etc.

The order that documents are sorted in workspaces seems to be last updated, so it often makes it really hard for me to find the file I’m looking for. If there was a way to choose how I want to order them that would be awesome.

For my particular example, simply allowing “alphabetical” sorting would work just fine.

Thanks for your feedback @jkilp.

The order that documents are sorted in works seems to be last updated

This is correct, currently the document lists in “All Documents” and “Projects” are sorted by when the document was last saved, with the most recently saved files being listed first.

We’re currently exploring and working on ways to improve how users organise and find the documents within their workspaces, so this feedback is well timed :open_file_folder:

Can I ask how you’re working around this limitation at the moment? Do you find that you’re relying on search? Or do you simply scroll until you find the document you want? Any additional insight from yourself and other community members would be much appreciated :ear::writing_hand:

@tim in the current project I’m working on I don’t have a ton of files in there, so I mostly just scroll down the list looking for the name. I much prefer list view because it’s easier to scan all of the names of the files.