[Request] Thoughts on the document window

Hey folks. :wave: I’d love to know what your thoughts are about our document window. (the one that opens when you launch the app or press command-O)

  • Is there anything you like / dislike about it?
  • Is it useful for being able to see and discover the documents in your workspace?
  • Do you avoid using it? If so, why?
  • What’s missing that you would like to see?

This is a part of the app that we can definitely improve so I’m curious to understand and learn your thoughts here. Please let me know if you usually design solo or if you’re part of a team!

It desperately needs the ability to pin/favorite documents for quick access.


Hi there !

For my user case, we design in team and I lead this team.
I try to keep all files organized for my team.

  1. It could be great to reorganize sections on the left bar, as the user want and need it.
    When you open the app, you are on the first tab of the list “recent documents”, maybe for some people it’s useful, for me I open lots of files to check them (if we could clear only one recent document and not all the list it could be better).
    It could be great to choose this “launch tab” for exemple to open the app on a project folder or on all documents,…

  2. The ability to pin/star some documents in a new section (and as I said in point 1, this section could the moved on the top to be the “launch tab”) I agree with @sonburn :wink:

  3. The possibility do have folders and subfolders (but your team is working on it, we’ll see what’s coming)

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