Launch Sketch with Recent Tabs

After we close Sketch in which we use many tabs, we have to open recent working files one by one and place them in the tabs. It would be great if Sketch opened with the last used tabs when starting.

Yes it would be great to open Sketch with last opened tab documents.


Given that Sketch uses native macOS windows-as-tabs feature that support automatic restoration, I’m wondering if you have the following setting turned on that prevents Sketch from automatically re-opening your documents from the last session:


Wow Dmitry. Thanks. Now it’s re opening documents from the last session. Even though it opens as a window, it still works for me.

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Glad to hear that! I guess it’s worth checking out different options for “Prefer tabs when opening documents” on the same settings screen – having that set to “Always” does open all document windows as tabs for me.

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Thanks Dmitry, changing this settings is helping a lot! :+1:

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