[iPhone] Project preview -> Actual size

  1. I select the “From my Mac” project.
  2. I choose any artboard that contains an interface design for iPhone 14 (e.g., 390x2500px).
  3. The selected artboard does not automatically fit the width of the phone’s screen; I have to tap it twice. Then it stretches to the width of the screen and… centers the artboard in the middle of the iPhone screen. If I try to scroll it up awkwardly, the application zooms out and fits the artboard to the height of the screen again, as if such a view was ever needed in any use case.

This is one of the reasons why I still use the Sketch Mirror app.

Hey @treword

For the most part, this is intentional. We toggle between aspect-fit and aspect-fill by double tapping. In the 3rd example, it depends on where you tap. In your case, the artboard is double tapped in the middle. The artboard view will also start there. And for your last example, if you double-tap the top, the view will also start there.

I’m not sure I fully understand this part:

All in all, I think this is a good case for Suggest an idea section. I’m curious if others also prefer the old behaviour or want to see changes to the current behaviour.