Mobile Prototype dartboard scaling problem

Why is it when you create an dartboard for ex. iPhone 11 Pro and you display it on iPhone 14 Pro using Sketch Mirror it scales up perfectly but when you do the same with Prototype it is never scaling up to fit the phone resolution?
It doesn’t make any sense. Both cases use the same dartboard measures.

Hey @SketchGhost, thanks for taking the time to share this. Indeed, this seems like a weird behavior. Most artboards will scale to fit as you mention, but not all of them. For example, an iPhone SE artboard will show black bars on top and bottom when you mirror it on an iPhone 14, but I do see the problem here.

It seems Prototyping will show the artboard in fullscreen only when the artboard matches the device (iPhone 14 artboard on an iPhone 14) but let us ask around and pass along this one to the team.

Hi again,

The team involved looked at this and will analyze what’s the best option to solve it