Sketch view & mirror on android

Hi Sketch folks, I have used the ios app, but for previewing android artboard on ios is a bit of tricky and rely on opening the workspace and play the prototype on my android device. Is there any plan for Sketch view & mirror app on Android?

Or can you make the artboard auto reponsive so viewing experience on different screen size will be better. For example I can preview the android artboard on my ios in responsive size with real width.

Please see the images on how the android artboard previewed on my ios device, notice the black box/crop area on the sides of the design.

Hey @eurlichallan Thanks for the idea. I’m afraid we don’t have any plans to create an Android app.

Making the artboard auto responsive is an interesting idea! It would be nice to have this. Unfortunately, it’s not something we plan on building in the near future.

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