Size to Fill by default in iOS app

When opening an artboard in the iOS app, by default it should zoom to fill the entire screen, as opposed to zooming out to show the entire artboard. I’m using the iOS app to preview my designs, why would I want the default behavior to show me the entire artboard?

This gets pretty annoying over time as you need to double-tap the screen every time you open a new artboard to have it get resized appropriately.

Hey Sam!

Thanks for the feedback and the comments about this behaviour. We’d lile to know:

  • Does this happen while you’re inspecting the Canvas?
  • Does it happen when you’re seeing a Prototype?

This could give us extra clues as to ways to improve this experience. Do know that if you’re using Artboard Templates (that match the device you’re seeing the Prototype in) it should show at a 100% of its size (real size).

Let us know!

This is while using the iOS app. I’m unaware that inspecting the Canvas is available over there? This is not while using a prototypes either.

Indeed it seems that this is only happening when my artboard template is set to “Custom”. If I set it to my device type (twice, so that it sets the proper height) and then give it back its original height, the issue goes away. So I guess this is a user error? What is the use case for not resizing to fit when the artboard template is not set?

Hey Sam,

Thanks for the extra details!

Artboard Templates give the app context as to what this Artwork medium is. So this is the best way to make sure you, and your colleagues and stakeholders, always see the Artwork at 100% of its size (when it applies).

Let us know if this helps! :pray: