Hiding pages in Sketch File

Currently, we have exploration/test pages in the same file as well as the final/approved designs. We would only like to share the approved designs for the development team and hide all other pages within the Sketch file. We were able to only push the approved designs to InVision. Thank You!

Hey @amafinejad

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the suggestion. I can’t make any projections or promises, but we’ll keep an eye on it and keep you posted if we know more.

Echoing Amir. The ability to hide pages from the prototype would make it so we’re not required to have two separate files for each project - Exploration and Final. This would be fantastic.

Hi there @ManaTee !

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This is already possible :tada: You can now share just the prototype! It’s really easy and you can do it from the Mac App or the Web app! Click here to see it in action!

On the Mac app, launch the Preview window and click on the Share icon, you’ll see the options to disable the toolbar

CleanShot 2024-06-03 at 07.23.58


On the Web app, navigate to the Prototypes page and then click on the three dots icon to display the sharing options. Disable the toolbar and you’re good to go!


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I think the new option by hiding the toolbar and navigation is a good start.
Nevertheless in Invision it was possible to move between the pages with the < > keys, which is possible with Sketch only when viewing the artboards, but not in the prototype (here the < > keys work like back and forth in the browser)

This is something we have used very extinctively because sometimes you do not want to play through the whole prototype but just want to switch quickly to a screen a little bit later in the series.

A points that adds to that is, that with Invision it was possible to take a glance at an overview of all screens in the prorotype and quickly move to another point.

Basically those two features (overview, moving through) are based on the ability to decide which artboards you want to “release” for costumers and which should stay hidden as drafts. (I would apply this to artboards and not pages)


Thanks for sharing this! I’ve added it as a Feature Request. Currently this type of navigation is available on Sketch prototypes after you’ve played the prototype, like some type of “history”. You are able to navigate back and forth with the keyboard arrows through screens you have previously played but I can clearly see the benefits of this being always available.

I’ve created a Suggest an Idea post so others can vote for it if they like it :smiley:

Thank you for creating this Feature Request. Our main objective here is to simply share the approved screens/prototype and HIDE all other pages in Sketch which contain exploratory content. Thanks!

The ability to hide the pages as shown in the example you had provided would be wonderful. However, I wonder if that is particular to roles/permissions?

Is it possible to do this while giving the users a single access point to all the prototypes we invite them to as guests?

In the example you had provided I am assuming I am a public user. I was not able to replicate the restricted view as you had. The guests I had invited (via email) were still able to access the pages/navigation even having the ability to check or uncheck those very same options on their end. It doesn’t just launch them into the prototype like you had shown. It takes them to what you had shown in the 2nd and 3rd image and then they have to click “Prototypes” or the play button to then launch the prototype.

Are there certain rules/permissions/roles/settings that need to be set in order to replicate what you had demonstrated?

Hi @Erick,

Welcome to the Forum! It’s great to have you here! Sorry about the belated reply.

About your question, the new sharing options are a setting of the Prototype Player, rather than a permission. I’ll try to summarize it, here we go:

If you are a Guest:

  • You’ll have access to the whole document
  • You’ll always be able to see everything related to that document: artboards, assets and prototypes
  • You can add / remove settings for prototype playback: show/hide hotspots, zoom level and show or hide the toolbar

If you are a Viewer
You’ll have access to the same settings as a Guest, plus all shared documents in the Workspace you’re a Guest in

So, how to share just the prototype?
If it’s a public document, share just the prototype player link, the one you get from the Prototype’s page:


Try this link

I’d love to hear your feedback on this Erick, and I hope this is useful.