Fontawesome Pro icons are missing in sketch workspace version

We are using Fontawesome pro 6 (paid version) in our designs. When I am trying to open my design in sketch workspace it gives me an error of missing fonts. I tried to embed fonts but some how fontawesome icons are not visible in the sketch workspace version. Is there any plugin for the same? or how can i view those icons?

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Based on your description, it seems you’re encountering font-related issues. We’ve conducted several tests using FontAwesome, and thus far, we haven’t been able to replicate any issues on our end.

One of the tests we performed involved adding icons using the FontAwesome app, embedding the fonts, uploading a document to the web app, and verifying the visibility of the icons. We’re pleased to report that we successfully completed this test, suggesting that the issue may be specific to your document.

To further investigate and assist you effectively, we kindly request that you share the document with us. Rest assured, your privacy is paramount to us, and you’re welcome to send the document via email to if you prefer to maintain confidentiality.

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