Locate a layer or symbol that is using a specific font

Hello there! I am working on a design system with two other designers and I happened to notice that Roboto font suddenly appeared in one of our sketch documents. I found this out when I attempted to save the document and Sketch asked if I wanted to embed the font in the file.

We don’t use Roboto in our design system so I think it must have been accidentally pasted in there. The problem is no one knows what layer or symbol is using it.

Is there a plugin or some other manner of finding out where a font is being used? I have Automate but didn’t see anything in there that would cover this. Thanks!

I’m wondering about this too. Also It would be super useful if we can replace that fonts with the library text styles.

You can do it with this plugin:


Woo hoo! It works. And also, this plugin showed me that Roboto was actually meant to be in the design system, ha! We have a youtube video symbol where all the text is in Roboto. I forgot we had that. Oddly enough though, that symbol has been there for a long time and it has never before asked me to embed the font.